Micro centrifuge tubes are made from high quality PP material which assures high transparency and clear graduations. These tubes have consistent wall thickness with tight fit attached caps which ensures leak proof operation. These tubes are available either sterilized or non- sterilized in order to satisfy the different research requirements. 


  • Amber
  • Consistent Wall thickness
  • Easy One hand operation
  • Frosted writing area
  • Dnase/Rnase Free
  • Secure Cap Design
  • Leak proof Design

Amber color microcentrige tube (1.5ml)

  • Amber color microcentrifuge tubes


    Cat. No. Capacity Packing Price/Pack
    MCMTP1005 0.5ml Clear, Gamma Sterile 1000Pcs./ Pack, 5000Pcs./Pack 8000
    MCMTP1015 1.5ml Clear, Gamma Sterile 500Pcs./Pack, 5000pcs./Pack 7600
    MCMTP1019 1.9ml Clear, Gamma Sterile 500Pcs./Pack, 5000Pcs./Pack 8500
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