The air purifiers are best in the class. Air purifier is an air purification equipment, which is widely used in hospitals, small clinics, schools, meeting rooms, and houses. The air purifiers purify the surrouding air through filteration system, meaning sucks the air from one end and releases purified air from other end. The purification can be from minute dust to hazardous chemical and disease causing microorganisms. The activated carbon filters can also purify the odors including chemical contamination of the air.

Air purifier

    • Low noice (please check the decible level)
    • Remote Control
    • Portable to different locations
    • Target area cleansing for quick relief from hazardous air moving around
    • Adjustable air velocity for slow to quick turnaround purification
    • KJH-350 is an advanced system that has LED display with tough button, eliminate formaldehyde and keeps PM 2.5 levels efficiently


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