Dimensions: W93.0 x D47.5 x H47.5 cm
Net Weight: 630 grams
Main Material: Netting | Polyester
Mesh Size: 96 x 26 | 680 μm Aperture

Mesh Panel: Top, Back, Right, Left
Opening: 2 x Front Sleeve & 1 Zip opening



Of same materials and dimensions of 4s4590 insect cage, 4s4590DH sits horizontally and has an elastic band on each sleeve opening for wrapping around the wrist to prevent insects from escaping.

Top and front panels are of clear plastic for easy observation. Large zip opening on front panel aids adding or removing large objects.


1 Cage | 16 connecting poles | 4 two-way and 8 three-way connectors


You can view accessories for parts and replacements

Insect Rearing Cage 4S4590

    • Operating temperature of the cage: -10 to 60 C
    • When trying to take the assembled tent/cage apart, you may find a few poles locked to the connector. DO NOT FORCE THEM APART or you may rip the seam and damage the cage/tent completely. Instread, try finding a looser connection elsewhere in the cage or connector. 
    • Please call us if you have any issues in dismantling the cage. Please never attempt to remove the tightly locked connector poles forcefully, which may damange the cage.
    • You may wash the case in mild soap water or shampoo water. Do not use harsh chemicals for sterilization. Or you may slightly rub the cage or tent with sponge + water or sampoo. Ringe the cage in running tap water (do not twist the cage) and air dry.