1. Reaction Module  

Long lifetime halogen lamp, stable light source. 

340. 405, 450, 510, 546. 578, 630, 700nm eight wavelength filters. 

37 C stable Incubation system.


2. Functional Software 

Sample information batch and combination input quickly and easily. 24 hours working, with STAT function. Special designed software surface for engineer to monitor whole instrument status clearly. LIS system available.


3. Accurate Sample  Reagent Adding System 

Accurate sampling pump, sample adding 0.1ul stepping.

reagent adding 1ul stepping. Sample  reagent probes with liquid level sensor and anti-collision functions.


4. Sample and Reagent Tray 

Reagent tray with 24 hours cooling system Reagent volume real-time detection, with remaining volume display online.


200 T/H Auto Chemistry Analyzer (BK 200) SAPPHIRE

  • 200T/H Features:  

    • 49 Sample positions
    • 56 Reagent positions
    • 120 Reaction cuvettes 
    • 200 tests per hour
    • Probe anti-collision function