Mosquito traps for research

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

There are several types of mosquito traps are available today in the scientific market to conduct quality entomological research. However there is no single, near perfect solution that can generally be employed to trap mosquitoes for research. For example, light trap only employs UV light as a source of attraction for mosquitoes while other like Biogents, Germany uses human mimicking scent as an attractant. While most of the insect traps work only with DC power, a few models like CDC trap works with AC power. Below are several examples of mosquito traps available for research

Among all the traps available, BG Sentinel trap has several advantages from the existing ones. For example, the size of the BG trap is similar to a new borne animal or small animals. The body color of the trap is dark blue to black in color which is proven to be successful in attracting mosquitoes. The trap could be improvised by adding the UV LED strip around its neck so the range of species it can catch with human attractant could phenomenally be increased. Trap uses a patented human sweat mimicking lure to attract hematophagous insects. The trap comes with 5m AC card so you could either use DC power where AC is not feasible.

For more details on various commercially available mosquito traps from Biogents please visit their webpage at or search our website for the models and accessories available for supply in India

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