Consultancy for building Arthropod Containment Facility II

Insect are going to play a critical role in sustainability of human race on the earth. Given the present scenario where the quality of food and environmental pollution and climate change are unbatedly deteriorating the quality of human life, insects hold promising to mitigate some of the concerns arise out of these issues. Due to climate change, the spread and intensity of vector borne diseases is on the rise. To better understand the disease transmission and dynamics it would be important to study mosquitoes more intensively that we did in the past century.

The burgeoning human population growth has put a tremendous pressure on the availability and sustainability of natural resources that are already fast depleting. The malpractices and production of low quality meat (Chicken, beaf or pork) poses a great challenge to the human health. In the light of present scenario, the nutritional value of insects for human consumption has been acquiring much thought . Most insect species are rich in proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Insects are not only nutritious and highly palatable, but they could also be considered as an environmentally friendly source of human protein. Research suggests that Insects require much less space, water, and resources to produce per unit of food than current meat product methods. Also, insects produce less greenhouse gases.

To harness the immense benefits of insects or to study them to save millions of human from contracting one of the deadly diseases transmits by the insects, we would need a proper research faculty. The Arthropod Containment Facility II would meet most of these requirements. We have institutional capacity to help establish these facilities for R&D purposes as well as for mass rearing of beneficial insects.

We are ready to serve you with your need to construct insectary or mass rearing facility. Please contact us at with you requirement. We promise to give you quick turnaround to get your dream lab started working.

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